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Webinar: Find the right intensification strategy for your upstream and downstream processes

How do you know if an intensification approach will give you advantages over your current biomanufacturing process, and how do you choose the right one? Your upstream bioreactor operations might benefit from steady-state perfusion, concentrated fed-batch, or another option. While you might enhance your downstream capture (protein A step) with high-capacity resins, Fibro rapid cycling, or continuous multicolumn chromatography. But it can be difficult to understand how adopting any of these solutions will change your overall process, and what the implications are when you take a holistic approach to upstream and downstream intensification.

Using Cytiva’s Process Intensifier app, three of Cytiva’s foremost process intensification experts will show how different intensification approaches affect outputs using different scenarios.

In this webcast you will learn:
• What to expect from various intensification approaches for your upstream bioreactor operations and downstream capture (protein A step),
• How visualizing common intensification scenarios in the Process Intensifier app can help you understand their impacts on your processes, and
• What to consider when implementing intensified processes in your facility.

About our presenters:
Andreas Castan is a Strategic Technology Partnerships Leader for Cytiva. In this role, Andreas provides leadership and support to the Bioprocess business. His main area of expertise is in upstream processing. Prior to joining Cytiva, Andreas was Director of Upstream Development at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, working with development of expression systems, process development of microbial and mammalian cell-based processes, and scale-up to cGMP manufacturing. During the last 20 years, Andreas has held several positions within biopharmaceutical development, including project and line management as well as manufacturing.

Gunnar Malmquist is a Senior Principal Scientist at Cytiva and an analytical chemist by training with a focus on chromatography and data analytics. He started his career at Pharmacia Fine Chemicals in 1979, working with quality control of chromatographic separation resins. He was later involved in the development of the ÄKTA™ chromatography system and UNICORN™ software, before moving in 1997 to development and characterization of preparative chromatographic resins. He has been responsible for the design of several of the leading resins on the market, including MabSelect™ and Capto™. Currently he is focused on downstream processing strategies, Quality by Design, and PAT, as well as using multivariate data analytics and mechanistic modelling to understand biomanufacturing processes.

Susanna Tronnersjö is a molecular biologist with a background in transcriptional regulation, chromatin remodeling, and tumor biology. She received her PhD in molecular genetics in Uppsala and then continued her scientific training as a postdoctoral at the Karolinska Institute. Since joining Cytiva in 2015, Susanna has focused mainly on custom cell culture media design, large scale mAb production, and process intensification.