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Does Fibro Protein A revolutionize downstream process?

To maximize the productivity in the first capture step is a key to intensify the whole downstream process and would also be important to respond the upstream process intensification such as high cell density fed-batch and perfusion cultivation processes.

Cytiva’s Fibro technology is a complete disposable solution and expected to dramatically reduce process time, equipment scale and change over time, so those could contribute to the total cost reduction of biologics manufacturing.

We have evaluated the prototypes of Fibro Protein A both in lab scale (0.4 -4 mL device) and pilot scale (160 mL device) including the cycle lifetime study. We have understood both benefits and challenges of Fibro Protein A to implement it into the actual manufacturing facilities. In the webinar session I would like to share our evaluation data and discuss how and when we could effectively use Fibro Protein A through the biologic process development and manufacturing lifecycle.

Takuo Kawase, Senior Manager and Scientist, API Process Development, Chugai Pharmaceutical

Takuo Kawase is Senior Manager and Scientist in the Downstream Process Development group in Chugai, a member of the Roche group. He is currently leading the emerging technology development and implementation on continuous manufacturing, process intensification with novel purification technologies and digital transformation as well. He has 12 years of experience in biopharmaceutical industry and held multiple positions including process development, project management, drug discovery and protein engineering. He received B.Eng. and M.Eng. in Biological Science and Technology from Tokyo University of Science.