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Increase efficiency in your manufacturing with the right buffer management strategy

Buffer preparation is still a highly manual activity in the biopharmaceutical industry that often requires a lot of resources due to the large number and overall volume of buffers and process liquids used in a typical bioprocess workflow.

Most companies are still relying on the traditional ways of preparing buffers, but there are more modern, alternative buffer preparation methods that can bring significant savings and efficiency improvements while ensuring high quality.

In this presentation, we will discuss:
• Advantages, sweet spots, and drawbacks with the different buffer preparation approaches through real-life, data-driven examples.
• Important considerations for choosing the right buffer management strategy
• Ways to assure consistent buffer quality with inline dilution and inline conditioning or when outsourcing buffers.
• Technical capabilities focusing on quality that are built into these approaches.
• Buffer management trends and biopharmaceutical companies’ long term-strategies for the future.